Why I Chose Internet Network Marketing Over Traditional Network Marketing.



So if you’ve read any of my blog posts and if you so happen to stop by my Facebook page you know that what I enjoy doing is teaching network marketers how to generate leads and recruit more prospects into their business using attraction marketing strategies, aka, teaching internet network marketing.

Now, let me be clear, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with building a business using traditional network marketing strategies. This model has worked and will continue to work for many network marketing professionals. However, after trying to building my business using traditional strategies and finding that I was spending too much time on prospecting and not getting the results that I wanted, frustrated I went in search of how top earners were growing their businesses.

I found that many of them had one thing in common. They used attraction marketing strategies to grow their businesses. This is all I had to see to be sure that this was the way to go. So I went in search for ways to successfully implement these strategies into my business. All arrows pointed to attraction marketing systems. I found that many of these same top earners that were using attraction marketing to grow their businesses were either presently using or previous used an attraction marketing system.

An attraction marketing system is an educational platform that teaches you all there is to know about attraction marketing and how to implement it. The best part about attraction marketing systems is that by way of their affiliate programs you’re also able to capture those prospects that are going to say no to your business opportunity because although they may no be interested in your specific business opportunity, they may be interested in learning how to implement these strategies themselves. If you’re only offering your prospects your primary business opportunity, you are not letting a significant revenue stream slip through your fingers.

After implementing attraction marketing into my network marketing business I have seen my business do a total 180. I personally have also grown as a network marketer as I have improved my skills through constant personal development. Traditional network marketing wasn’t for me in a multitude of ways. It may not be for you either. But that does not mean that you should walk away from an amazing business opportunity.

In the end, traditional network marketing will always be there. There are people that feel more comfortable approaching their prospects and speaking to them face-to-face. They have the personality for that and they have techniques that work. However when you blend both traditional and new school a.k.a. internet network marketing, the sky’s the limit. I still prospect and meet with recruits face to face if they are local. However I have other strategies such as a content filled blog, Facebook marketing, online advertising, opt-in offers and many other to help me generate leads for both my network marketing business as well as my attraction marketing system affiliate marketing opportunity.

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