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My name is Eva Blandino and I am a mom to a beautiful 15 year old daughter, Camilla. We have 2 crazy pets, Gigi (the dog) and Dillon Aka “Fatboy”, the original grumpy cat.

I have had a whirlwind romance with entrepreneurship since I was 25 when I registered my first DBA in attempts to start my first business. However, life always got in the way and I was never able to get anything off the ground. Becoming a mom at 20 years old meant that I had to put my daughter first before my dreams of owning a business. At the time I thought the only way to provide, as a single mom, was to work for someone else so that I could have a steady paycheck, health insurance and vacation time. So I bought into it and helped build someone else’s wealth for about another 8 years.

Everything changed in my life in 2013 when that June, 4 days before my daughter’s birthday, I was laid off. Instead of freaking out and thinking that my life was over, I took whatever money I had and registered my first business, bought a domain, built a crappy looking website and picked up my phone.

As a believer in God and the law of attraction, I knew that the events that were happening in my life were leading me to something greater than I could see at that moment. I never once doubted that it was just the beginning. That first business, a medical marketing firm, is still going strong today and continues to see growth year after year.

But between you and me (shhhhh, don’t tell anyone)…my real passion is to help others achieve their dreams of building the business they’ve always wanted to have. I am not some fancy coach. I don’t have the patience for that. But what I do possess is knowledge about marketing and how this affects the success of your business. So with this knowledge I embark today to teach others how to build a solid foundation for their business using sound and proven marketing strategies.

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