What’s The Big Deal About Content Repurposing?

If you have a blog for your business you know how challenging it can be to consistently create fresh and engaging content. So as bloggers, we need to get creative in our content creation process and strategies.

And let’s face it, with all the content you’ve already created, probably years worth, repurposing some of your existing content just makes sense.

So what is content repurposing?

Without getting too deep, repurposing content, in its simplest form, means taking an existing piece of content and altering its format. There are multiple reasons for doing this… but let’s address some of the ones I feel are the most important…

(1) People consume content differently. Some prefer to watch a video over reading a blog post and others like listening to podcasts. When you repurpose your content your are actively reaching out to your audience and placing content in front of them in the format they prefer.
(2) Refreshing a previous piece of content. When you repurpose a piece of content you are breathing live back into it.
(3) Staying relevant and top of mind. Let’s face it, content is being consumed at a rate we have never seen before. If you want to stay relevant in your niche you better step up your content creation game.

So what are some of the pieces of content that are best suited for repurposing?
I want to share three with you today…

#1: Freshly Pressed Content

You just created a new video about a great topic…You’ve shared the video on Facebook, YouTube and whatever other social media platforms you use and you’ve got some great engagement going. That’s awesome! You have just created a pretty good piece of content with some great value and you have the engagement to prove it.

So why not repurpose it?

Turn that video into a blog post. Take the talking points and either expand on these topics. Or, if you’re short on time, you can use a service like Rev to transcribe your video for as little as $1.00 a minute.

This method also works the other way around….

If you’ve just written a blog post, why not record a quick 1-2 video talking about what the blog post is going to cover? It may just sway that person in your audience who prefers to listen to the video to go ahead and read that blog post.
This goes back to what I said earlier about people consuming content differently.

#2: Highly Engaged

When you have a piece of content that got a lot of engagement, that’s an indicator that this probably a good piece to repurpose. If you wrote a blog post about a topic that really got people talking, maybe you want to create a webinar, an ebook or heck…even a course around the topic.

#3: Bring It Up To Date

If you wrote a post about traffic methods that you’re currently using to drive traffic to your site and 6-12 months down the road you have clear data and metrics that can really help your readers, you can write a blog post or create a video about these methods you’ve implemented and the results you’ve seen in your business. Or even better, now that you have concrete results, why not do a free training?

So next you find yourself drawing a blank or uninspired, take a look at your previous posts’ stats and content. Is there a post that really go a lot of views or hits? Is there a topic that always seems to get your audience to engage? These are all great opportunities for repurposing.

I hope this post was useful and that you found value…if you did, leave me a message below. I’d love to hear from you.



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