This One Metric Can Skyrocket Your Website’s Lead Generation.

Lead Generation For Your Business Starts When Someone Visits Your Website.

Is your website not bringing in any leads? Maybe you think you’re website looks great and leads should be coming in but all you’re getting is total silence. 

In order to really get down to what’s going here, you need to understand your visitor’s behavior when on your site.  Are they spending enough time on your website? Or are they stopping by and leaving immediately? 

The User Experience.

How much time your visitors spend on your website directly impacts your conversion rate. So if you’re not seeing any conversions on your site, it may come down to this. If your not sure about how much time visitors are spending consuming your content and interacting with your website you can take a look at your bounce rate in your Google Analytics dashboard to give you an idea. 

The bounce rate of a website is the percentage of sessions where the visitors leave your website right from the page they started from, without any interaction on that page or any other pages. 


So What Does a High Bounce Rate Mean to You? 

It pretty much boils down to this…Your website is not doing a good enough job keeping visitors entertained. They are either getting what they need from the page they landed on and leave because they see nothing else that interests them, or they are not finding what they want at all. 

What Can You Do To Improve Your Bounce Rate & Increase Lead Generation 

#1: Review Your Keywords and Optimization Efforts.  

Are the ads and keywords your running and optimizing reflective of your site’s content? Take inventory of your current ads and keywords. If you feel that there is some sort of disconnect it may be a good idea to work on your content strategy. Or maybe you make some changes to your SEO and PPC ads so that you are getting a more targeted audience coming in. 

 #2: Add More Pages to Your Website.

Let’s start with the most straightforward fix you can make to your site. Adding more pages. A site with more pages is likely to keep its visitors longer than a single page site or a site with only a handful of pages. Make sense right? Work with your marketing team to see what other pages you can add to maximize your visitors time.

#3: Make Your Blog Posts Easy to Read. 

A common reason someone lands on a page and leaves immediately thereafter is that the page just looks really hard to read. People want to see headings, short paragraphs, pictures. Use these to break up your content. If your website is on the wordpress platform look at the plug in Yoast to help you in creating content that is easy to read. 

#4: Stay Away From Pop Ups. 

Nothing annoys someone visiting a website like a pop up coming out of nowhere. I know this was a tactic taught by many marketers in the past but if you want to provide your audience with an enjoyable experience heavy on value, then a pop up is a quick way to kill the mood. Instead try an exit pop up that shows up when someone is about to leave your website. 

#5: Add a Related Posts List.

Make it easy for your visitors to explore your website. At the bottom of every blog post list all of the related blog posts you’ve written in the past. If they just read a post on lets say how to write the perfect blog post, if you show them that you also wrote a post about how to make sure your blog post is optimized, chances are very likely that they will go and read it. 

#6: Set External Links to Open in a New Window.

External links are great for SEO but not for your bounce rate if you have them set to open on the same page. Set these to open in a new window or tab. This gives your readers another reason to go back to your site. 

#7: Be Sure That Your Website is Mobile Friendly. 

The stats speak for themselves, we are consuming more and more content right on our mobile devices. If your site is not optimized to be viewed on a mobile device you are going to lose viewers quicker than you even realize it. Today there are many easy ways to accomplish this by using mobile friendly themes to build your site.

I hope you got value from this post. If you did, I’d love to hear your thoughts so go ahead and leave me a comment down below.

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