The Real Money Is In Your List. Not Your Commissions or Sales.

As an amateur affiliate marketer you’re probably taught by your team or whoever got you into the affiliate marketing opportunity you’re currently working, to share your affiliate links in order to get people to purchase whatever program or whatever platform you’re selling.

Today there are so many affiliate marketing opportunities out there that I will not name them individually, but I would like to give you a word of advice before jumping into one, do your homework.

  • Who are the people of the top of the organization?
  • Who are the people that are making 6 figures 7 figures?
  • Is it really possible for you to achieve 6 or 7 figures the way that these individuals have achieved it?
  • Is it a duplicatable system that you can then go on and do yourself to achieve the same results?


Now that being said, here’s what I want to tell you about succeeding as an affiliate marketer…..sharing your affiliate link, yes, will get you some sales of course.

But have you ever thought about this? Are you are you able to keep your leads? And as a result growing your email list? I know it can be very exciting when you’re making those $25, $50 commissions, but the truth is that most new affiliate marketers don’t realize the potential they have in their hands to really truly grow a business built upon passive income.

When you look to the top of your company, those who are earning 6 and 7 figure income from the exact same program you’re using, the one thing they all have in common is this, they have a mailing list.

Now granted, having your own mailing list before you even go into an affiliate marketing opportunity makes it that much easier for you to achieve 6 to 7 figures but we all have to start somewhere in terms of building our list.

So right now you are putting all this time and effort into this affiliate marketing opportunity and you’re making some sales you’re making commissions, you’re adding $500 to an extra thousand dollars a month to your monthly income which is amazing, but remember, the gold here is your mailing list.

So here’s what I urge you all to do….

Build your email list.

The truth of the matter is that not everyone that looks at your opportunity will purchase or become an affiliate.

But that does not mean they wouldn’t be interested in something you may have to offer them in the future.

So how do you do this?

You need to have a lead capture page where people opt in to view a video, a presentation or get a download about your opportunity and then are added to you list.

Now, I know this sounds like something you may not want to do or maybe not know how to do but here’s the good news, your affiliate marketing system or your team under which you came in for this affiliate marketing opportunity should have done for you capture pages, done for you emails and done for you emails to help build your funnel. Click Here  to see an example of a lead capture page I use that I was provided to me by my team to grow my list and present them with my affiliate opportunity. This is very time consuming and yes it is very confusing if you don’t know what you’re doing. But in the end it’s the best way to capitalize on your efforts. You’re already putting time, and if you’re running ads money, to send visitors to your  company’s landing pages to get them to purchase whatever you’re selling. But like I said before, the real money is in your mailing list. You don’t know where your career will take you down the line you don’t know what opportunities are going to be introduced to down the line but what you can know for certain is that your mailing list will come with you wherever you go.



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  • Hi Eva,

    In addition it’s how you nurture your list to make it more responsive. Also, segmentation of interests is also critical and knowing who are the buyers – the people you can most rely on to help your income (assuming you are helping theirs too) and who are fence sitters – who might buy if the right product comes along at the right price.

    One absolutely crucial thing to do is going through your list every few months and deleting those who have never opened an email since signing up. They are just taking up space and have probably never even looked at your downloads. Removing clutter from your autoresponder list is a good way of keeping the costs down.

    Most important though is having fun. If it wasn’t fun, we wouldn’t be doing it.


    Steven Lucas

    • eblandino

      Great points Steven. Thanks for your input.

  • Hi there Eva

    Indeed, the list is so important and it can be quite tricky to build one.

    You mention some vital points. Choose your opprtunites carefully. Make sure of the value it offers for you . Go to places where you can share your link and make sure you have a good lead capture page page.

    Good post.

    • eblandino

      Thanks Inert. Glad you enjoyed it.