The Internet Has Changed The MLM Industry.

The Internet Has Changed The MLM Industry.

The Internet Has Changed The MLM Industry.Ever heard of internet network marketing? The concept is pretty simple. Using certain strategies, you can generate leads into your network marketing or MLM business right from home without ever having to go out and prospect to your friends, family and strangers. This was all very appealing to me when I first learned about it. Unfortunately, many network marketers have either never been told about internet network marketing by their upline or choose to be closed to the idea. As a result they don’t train their recruits on how they can use the internet as a business building tool.

The reality is that just like most businesses have had to adapt to the changes taking place in consumer habits, including purchasing habits and their social media habits, so should network marketing. The internet has changed the MLM game altogether.

If you look at the top earners in the industry many are using internet network marketing strategies to grow their business. They are producing content and engaging with their audience on social media and other online platforms. Some are taking it a step up and are creating personally branded products and really taking their network marketing profession to the next level by becoming true coaches and mentors.

This is where network marketing is moving to. Sure you can still work your business using old school strategies such as approaching your hot and warm marketing and hosting home meeting and presentations. But this is a more passive approach. Sure you are going out there and talking to the people on your hot and warm list, but what happens when this well dries up?

If this doesn’t getting you pumped then I don’t know what else to tell you. The idea that you are no longer limited to your hot, warm and immediate cold market to grow your business, means that you should NEVER run out of people to talk to about your business opportunity, products or services.

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