Take Your Business To The Big Times By Simplifying Duplication.

Take Your Business To The Big Times By Simplifying Duplication.If you want to take your network marketing business to the big times, the key will be to make sure your distributors and recruits work independently from you. Like I mentioned on yesterday’s blog post, your upline should see you as a business coach, not as someone that’s going to hold their hand every step of the way and show them what they need to do. This is what most network marketers think they should be doing and many times actually do. However, the message you are really sending to your recruits is that duplicating is so hard that, the same way you’re having to do all this work for them, they too will have to do it for their recruits.

What you want to do instead is make it so that its almost a plug a play model. That all they need to do is prospect, get eyes on the presentation and recruit. This creates a scalable and duplicatable business model that all of your recruits can do.

When I first started, my upline jumped on a call with me for a few minutes to tell me about all the tools and resources that were available for and connected me to our team’s back office our weekly training calls and our awesome Facebook group. Guess what? My upline has not had to hold my hand call them or ask them to go with me to a presentation. The best part is that I have not had to do any of this . Our company has great training videos available for all to use if anyone gets stuck. And because my upline trained me correctly, to not have to rely on them, I can also create a team fully independent from me and resourceful enough to seek out their own answers.

So what can you do to help your recruits duplicate easier?

  • If your recruits ask you a question that can be easily answered by using the resources and tools you and the company provided them, instead of answering them, direct them to where they can find the answer they are looking for.
  • Explain to your recruits that this is how they should model their business as well.
  • Connect them to the rest of the team.

A good idea would be to explain to your recruits why you are doing all of this. Tell them that the same way they are being given these resources, they too can do with their recruits and so on and so forth. Want to know the truth? til this day, when i have a new prospect or a new recruit, I copy and paste the email scripts my upline used with me. That’s how simple it should be.

I really hope this post helped demystify duplication at least slightly. If you found this information helpful, go ahead and share it on social media.You never know, you may also be helping someone else.

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