LinkedIn Marketing: Creating A Powerful Profile (Video #1)


Over the next couple of weeks or so, I am going to be recording a series of videos all focused on LinkedIn Marketing tips. On these videos, I will share with you exactly what I’ve done to generate well over six figures in the last two years for my digital marketing business. Today we’re going […]

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Anchor. Is It The Next YouTube?

  So I discovered this app a couple of weeks ago after listening to one of Gary Vaynerchuk’s videos and when he mentioned how the app was a voice-based social media platform, my ears perked up. If you know me personally, you know that I hate to write but I love to talk. I find […]

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2 Canva Tutorial: How To Create An Awesome Facebook Cover

I was about to update my Facebook cover image and I figured why not record a really quick tutorial video to show you guys how I design it using my favorite free app.​Canva Rocks My Socks!​I know that design work can really start to add up even if you are using websites like Fiverr, oDesk […]

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Have You Started Planning For 2017?

Listen to the audio version of this post 2017 is right around the corner… And if you have yet to start planning what your goals and your objectives are for the new year you are going to be left in the dust. 3 months prior to anything is the perfect time to start ramping up. […]

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