3 Marketing Lessons To Learn From Donald Trump & Bernie Sanders.

3 Marketing Tips To Learn From Donald Trump & Bernie Sanders

3 Marketing Tips To Learn From Donald Trump & Bernie SandersLove ‘em or hate ‘em….

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are marketing geniuses. But it seems that Donal Trump is the only one getting all the credit for his marketing aptitude. The truth is that Bernie Sanders has also done a great job at getting his audience and tribe all excited. They have both created a loyal following and have each ignited a movement.

Most recently, they were taking part in something reminiscent of the excitement that’s built behind a boxing match. You’ve seen those TV bits and commercials…One guy talks about how much of a beast he is and how he is going to just destroy his opponent…as a result getting his tribe and fans all riled up. In Bernie and Donald’s case, they were both flexing their muscles and getting us all excited about an upcoming match, or in this case a debate. And guess what? We were totally salivating over it.

Turned out that Donald Trump, as of me writing this post, backed out on the debate. But that didn’t stop either one of them from capitalizing on this marketing strategy.

Both have started movements that no other candidate has been able to accomplish in decades. Now, this isn’t a political post, but I wanted to make a point. These two men have a great understanding of how to position themselves and make sure that their message is right on track to what their tribe wants to hear from them.

So what marketing insights can you learn from Bernie and Donald?

Let’s take a look….

Be unapologetically you. I don’t recall one time where neither Bernie or Donald apologized for what has come out of their mouths. Now, whether you agree or disagree with their thoughts and ideas, that’s not the point that I am trying to make. What I am trying to say is this….don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Don’t be afraid to be controversial. Don’t be afraid to be you. Stay true to you and your message. Don’t worry what others what are going to think or say about you. By being authentic you will attract the right audience and in the end the right clients to you and your business.

Understand how your social media marketing channels reach your audience. Having in place a successful social media marketing strategy is essential for any business model. But even more important is knowing where your audience hangs out online. Both Bernie Sanders and Donald have been able to create an insanely strong social media presence because they know where their audience is. There are so many social media platforms out there…and every day is someone claiming to teach you how to generate leads from said platform. But here’s the short of it…you need to know where your audience. What platform do they prefer to use? That’s where you need to be. Sure, you can be present on as many platforms as you can manage, but the truth is that by diluting your efforts, you’re also diluting your results. Maximize your presence in 1 or 2 of these platforms. Be present always and build your tribe there. With the understanding that markets and trends are always changing, always be vigilant of your audience habits and social media activity.

Know your audience and build a solid tribe. The better you know who your audience is and what their pain points are, the better you are able to speak to them directly. The more reflective of their situation your content will be. The more they can resonate with what you’re saying. What excites them? What are their struggles? And like Bernie and Donald have done, talking about topics and trends that may or may not be the most popular. Create content that will speak to them and positions you as someone who can help them make things better in their lives or business.

Great marketing is all about being unforgettable. Remember that its ok to draw outside of the lines when creating your over all marketing strategy. Doing what’s popular isn’t always what will work.

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