LinkedIn Marketing: Creating A Powerful Profile (Video #1)


Over the next couple of weeks or so, I am going to be recording a series of videos all focused on LinkedIn Marketing tips. On these videos, I will share with you exactly what I’ve done to generate well over six figures in the last two years for my digital marketing business.

Today we’re going to start at the beginning….your profile.

Think of your LinkedIn profile like your business card…

What are you wearing when you attend that first meeting with a client or prospect….

Or what are you wearing when you meet someone at a networking event.

Do you look professional?

Are you well put together?

But first, let’s talk about who should be using LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a great platform for you to use if you’re looking to either leave your company and start your own business…

You’re looking looking for another job….

Your currently employed and want to strengthen your professional network…

Or you have an existing business and you really have no clue where to get started to find the leads.

So really, LinkedIn is good for everyone!

Like I said, today we are going to focus on creating a powerful LinkedIn profile that is going to favorably position you and your experience in front your ideal client or employer.

Let’s get into it….

#1. Your Headline

Stay away from using phrases that sound vague and weak. Don’t use phrases like “seeking new opportunities” “currently unemployed”.

Instead, create a headline that focuses on your strengths.

Highlight what you bring to the table.

Talk about you have been of value to others in prior or current positions.

#2. Current Position & Experience

If you’re unemployed….

Change it to state that you are currently freelancing. Instead of listing your clients, mention what your strengths and skills are. How are you able to serve your prospects? 

If you’re employed…

And you feel you don’t have the need to build a network of professionals, you probably should not be close-minded to the idea.

You should always be growing your professional network no matter what. I am from the school of, your employer is not going to be loyal to you, they’re going to be loyal to their bottom line.

The truth is that the majority of employers are going to think about their bottom line before they consider your needs. So with that being said, it is a matter of mutual respect.

There’s no reason why you should not be growing your professional network. You may actually be bringing value to your current employer if you have a professional network that can actually be leveraged to benefit them.

If you’re a business owner….

You want to be sure to mention the name of your company. Also, make sure you have a website listed on your profile. If you want to be taken seriously as a business owner inside of LinkedIn you need to have a website that people can refer to.

When prospects go and Google you, because believe it or not they will, if they don’t find a website or any kind of profile for the company, that’s not going to be good for your credibility.

Also, remember to create a LinkedIn profile for your company. In order to do this, you will need to have a verifiable email that’s connected to the company.

#3. Accomplishments

Here is where you want to highlight any projects you have spearheaded, participated in, or coordinated, etc.

Languages that you speak.

Any organizations you may be involved in.

And any coursework you have completely that you feel would be important to let others know about.

#4. Your Contact Information

Be sure to include your contact information. If you feel more comfortable using alternative information feel free. But I will tell that in the 4 years, of intense LinkedIn marketing, I have not once received any type of communication that I felt was inappropriate in any way.

In the end, you want to provide as much information in your profile as possible. Give your network a reason to want to engage with you. Provide them with answers to any questions they may have about you, your skills, your previous experience and who you’ve previously worked for. 

In the upcoming videos, I will provide you with actionable tips you can apply to help you that next client or job opportunity. So stay tuned. Be sure to subscriber to my YouTube and sign up for my email list to know when the next video is up. 

In the meantime, I hope this video was valuable to you. If you have any comments or questions, I’d love to hear. Also, remember to share this blog post with your friends. 

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