Learn To Embrace Failure

Learn To Embrace FailureI remember when I started my first business. I had never done sales in my life, but as a business owner, I knew I was going to have to sell people to hire me for their  marketing needs. I was terrified. So terrified, that I refused to step out of my comfort zone. I went only after warm leads only. I just couldn’t bring myself to go after cold leads. I was scared of looking foolish, putting my foot in my mouth and just tanking the entire pitch.

I felt I was still a little green behind the ears. Although I did have experience in doing the work that I was now offering to potential clients, I was so afraid of being judged and being told by a prospect “who are you to think you can provide these services?” or “why should I hire you? you have no experience”, that I just froze.

This fear of failure, of looking like a fool or being judged by others is what paralyzes us. We wait until we’re “ready”, but ready never comes, so we never take action.

It wasn’t until I found myself in a position of real need and almost desperation that I made the decision to not care what someone would think about me or if I totally blew my presentation. However, I wish I hadn’t waited until something like this to happen before make the decision that step out of comfort zone. Its been outside of my comfort zone that I have grown as a person and business owner.

You see, the most valuable lessons I have learned in life and in business came from times where I failed miserably. You need to understand  that  as an entrepreneur you will never stop failing. This should not scare you. You should embrace it and go with it. This is just part of the growing and learning process. Once you accept this, you will see these challenges as opportunities to become a better entrepreneur.

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  • Hi Eva,
    Just want to thank you for such an honest and helpful post.

    Far too often many folks fail to take action for any number of reasons including “fear of failure” or perhaps aiming for perfection (which will never happen and is often an excuse for not taking any action).

    • eblandino

      Hi Peter. Thanks for your feedback. I am glad it was of value to you.