Insurance For Your Network Marketing Business?

Insurance For Your MLM Network Marketing Business-

Insurance For Your MLM Network Marketing Business-Have you ever attended a network marketing biz opp meeting where the person presenting says that all you have to do to succeed in their company is get 6 great recruits and you’re all set?! They will build your business for you!!

Sounds great doesn’t it? Too bad its all a bunch of junk.

The truth is that any network marketer that is looking to build a large and successful business should never stop building their frontline. You should always be prospecting, presenting and recruiting.

Sure its easy to tell someone, “just get 6 recruits that know a lot of people and can kick some serious ass” and call it a day. Is it possible that you can start to generate a healthy revenue with just 6 strong recruits? Sure. The argument isn’t that a team of 6 can’t help a network marketer achieve their goals. The lesson to be learned is that when you stop building your business, you are positioning yourself for disaster. This is a not a sustainable model.

Why does this method not work?

Lets dissect this…

Let’s say you’ve recruited your 6 rock stars. They are just exploding their businesses. You are generating a great stream of passive revenue and life is good! This goes on for a couple of months and life is good. Because you’ve gotten your 6 just like your upline said for you to do, you focus your energy on training them, instead of the continuous growth of your business.

Now imagine one of your recruits suddenly decides to leave your company for another one or is facing a personal crisis and are not motivated to work on their business.

Chances are your business will take a pretty significant hit. It will take an even more significant hit if this recruit was also a high producer both in sales and recruiting.

You see, when you place the success of your network marketing business in the hands of a few, the smallest shift can be disastrous.

In essence, you are placing all of your eggs in one basket and hoping that the basket doesn’t come crashing down.

So what’s the takeaway?

I don’t know about you, but I want a business that will withstand things like a team member taking a vacation, going on maternity leave, having an all together slow month. When you spread your frontline and grow wide its like getting an insurance policy that protects you from things that are beyond your control.

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  • This is so true! You have to continue to grow yourself and not depend on your team for that growth.

  • Hi Eva,
    Chances are any business that places 100% of their earnings potential in the hands of a few customers is heading for disaster sooner or later.

    You strategy of continuous recruitment to offset the loss of any downline members is common sense insurance thats for sure.

    Best wishes from a remote Thai village marketer


    • eblandino

      Yes. And its very unfortunate that this is a strategy that many network marketing “leaders” use to recruit during their presentation.