Drive Free Traffic To Your Website With Message Boards

Drive free traffic to your website using message boards

Free traffic...

We all want it. But I want to start off this post by pointing something out….

The phrase FREE is part of this post’s title, but it’s worth mentioning that there is no such thing as free traffic. When it comes to finding free traffic tactics, you are going to be investing your time.

But if you’re just starting out and money is holding you back, then free traffic may be your only option.

Now, back to the post….

Today I want to share with you how you can drive traffic to your website using a method to help you get interested and hyper targeted visitors to your web site.

I don't have to say that hot targeted traffic is essential to the growth and survival of any online business.

No matter what opportunity or product you promote via the internet you do not have a business unless you have customers.

It’s A Numbers Game….

Simply getting a lot of visitors to your website is not enough.

Every website needs targeted visitors. But in order to monetize your online business, these visits have to turn into sales.

Your site needs people who have seen your message and have had their interest peeked.

And even with targeted traffic only 3 visitors for every 100 that drop by your site will make a purchase or become a lead.

So it's needless to say that without targeted visitors this conversion rate drops significantly.

Message boards are a great free and effective way to drive traffic to your website. Visit various boards post messages, meet people, ask questions, share your wisdom, and words of encouragement. It’s about building relationships and finding organic opportunities to share your content.

Let’s get started….

Here are some tips to keep in mind when posting to message boards.

Know, Like, Trust, BUY!

Let me ask you something….

Do you like to be sold, or pushed into a sale?

I’m going to take a wild guess that your answer is a definitive NO. One of my mentors has instilled in me the importance of building relationships as opposed to selling someone.

Once the person gets to know, like, and trust you they will be more willing to join you in your opportunity or buy a product from you. Remember, know, like, trust, buy!

No spamming.

Stay away from spamming and pushing your website or you will likely get kicked out of the message board.

Remember you are there to build relationships, you want people to know, like and trust you.

Do not post the same content repeatedly.

Great message board communities have a lot of activity and there should be no need for you to have to post the same content over and over again. Look for message threads where you can offer some advice or feedback on the topic being discussed.

Find relevant message boards.

To make the most of message boards and help you drive highly targeted traffic to your website select boards that pertain to your product, opportunity or niche.

Engage with the community.

Get your name out and popularity up, post a response to a question or simply post a question yourself. Many message boards will let you include a signature file with your name and URL. Do it where ever you can.

Driving free traffic to your website is definitely possible. But as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, it takes time on your end.

To make the most of your message board strategies, spend one or two evenings a week posting on several different message boards. Remember to be genuine, helpful, and try to learn a few things. And most importantly HAVE FUN and MAKE FRIENDS!

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