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1 Are Your New Recruits Dropping Like Flies?

Attrition in network marketing is a 4 letter word… People are leaving your network marketing business faster than they are entering it. Some will jump from opportunity to opportunity. If your attrition rate is high then you will in essence be spinning your wheels in this business. There are several reasons why a network marketer […]

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3 Insurance For Your Network Marketing Business?

Insurance For Your MLM Network Marketing Business-

Have you ever attended a network marketing biz opp meeting where the person presenting says that all you have to do to succeed in their company is get 6 great recruits and you’re all set?! They will build your business for you!! Sounds great doesn’t it? Too bad its all a bunch of junk. The […]

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6 Secrets To Building A Strong Team.

As a network marketer the lifeblood of your business is building a team and loyal customers. In this post, I want to focus specifically on building your team. What it takes to build a strong long lasting organization. Whether you’re on your first recruit or your 300th, one thing remains the same. If you truly want a […]

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