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LinkedIn Marketing: Creating A Powerful Profile (Video #1)


Over the next couple of weeks or so, I am going to be recording a series of videos all focused on LinkedIn Marketing tips. On these videos, I will share with you exactly what I’ve done to generate well over six figures in the last two years for my digital marketing business. Today we’re going […]

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How To Lose The Prospecting Game…Fast.

I have had the pleasure of speaking to many MLM professionals from all different companies. It is just so awesome to see how motivated these individuals are and how determined they are to build a business that will ultimately give them the financial stability everyone dreams of. They are very proud of their company and […]

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1 Are Your New Recruits Dropping Like Flies?

Attrition in network marketing is a 4 letter word… People are leaving your network marketing business faster than they are entering it. Some will jump from opportunity to opportunity. If your attrition rate is high then you will in essence be spinning your wheels in this business. There are several reasons why a network marketer […]

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3 Insurance For Your Network Marketing Business?

Insurance For Your MLM Network Marketing Business-

Have you ever attended a network marketing biz opp meeting where the person presenting says that all you have to do to succeed in their company is get 6 great recruits and you’re all set?! They will build your business for you!! Sounds great doesn’t it? Too bad its all a bunch of junk. The […]

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1 Avoid Becoming A Manager In Your Network Marketing Organization

Success in network marketing is built on the principle of team work rather than on management. A major contributing factor for failure in network marketing is  the misconception that in order for their organization to grow they need to manage their recruits’ downline and build their business. They end up becoming a manager rather than an coach. […]

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