Can I Really Achieve Time Freedom?

As a laptop entrepreneur, one of the many perks i get to enjoy is the time freedom I have, and to be honest, that freedom is worth its weight in gold.

But can I tell you something? If you would have told me in 2013 that three years later this would be my life, I would have thought you were out of your mind.

Today, I wake up every morning, walk over to the kitchen and make myself a pot of coffee. I walk my dog and argue with my very needy cat. When my daughter is ready to go to school, I drive down the street and drop her off. I then come back home, make myself a nice cup of coffee and sit at my desk and get my day started. This is usually by 7:45 in the morning.

Depending on if I scheduled any meetings for the day or not, I may take a break to go to the gym or have lunch with a friend.

Today I have the freedom to plan my days however I wish. I am not told when to start my day, when to take a lunch, when to go to home or what to wear.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to brag.

What I want you to understand is that not long ago I was clocking in and spending 8 hours in a job where I was helping build someone else’s wealth. I’d get home so tired and with zero motivation to even think about starting a business that could one day replace my job. And then it happened, in 2013 I was laid off and left with no plan B to fall back on.

Three years later, this is my life.

So I share with this with you not to be braggadocious. I’m sharing this because if I could go from laid off and broke to having the life I have today, you can too. 

So when someone asks me if anyone can achieve time freedom my answer that question is usually hell yes!

But regardless of what the not so ethical folks out there may be telling you, its not easy. As a matter fact, what you may perceive as someone’s over night success actually took years to happen. 

So if you’re ready to do what it takes to achieve the financial freedom you deserve, here’s what you need to do:

Make A Commitment. Like I just said, this is not going to happen over night. There’s a lot of learning and mistakes to be made to get you to where you want to be. And all of that will be worth it. I see every day people that start working with an affiliate marketing platform and in a matter of a couple of months are ready to quit. If making money online or offline was easy everyone would be doing. But the truth is that the strong and committed survive.

Understand That It Takes Money To Make Money. Am I saying that you need to spend $5000 to start your business? Maybe. It depends on the business you want to start. I started my business with a crappy looking website, business cards with a logo i designed my self on my laptop and business cards I printed at Kinkos and cut myself. Today that business makes me close to 6 figures. What I would suggest anyone that asks is that you start with affiliate marketing for a couple of reasons, but primarily because of the low barriers to entry. Many affiliate programs, like MOBE can be started for the same amount of money you spend on coffee and fast food every month. In the case of MOBE, you can become an affiliate with as little as $7.00.. But the best part of working as an affiliate marketing is all the training and resources made available to which can be implement immediately into your business. A lot of today’s affiliate programs host weekly training webinars like this one and will also have private Facebook groups to help you understand everything and build your online business.

You Will Need To Have Some Mental Toughness. When you decide to start your entrepreneurial journey, you’re going to get a lot of nay sayers, doubters and haters coming out of the woodworks. You will need to stand resolute and know that you’ve made the best decision for you, your partner and your children. When I first started my business, I was actually told by someone, that I should really consider applying for welfare and food stamps because it didn’t seem that my business was going any where. That person today is still working at a job that they hate. Where as I am designing the life that I want.

Learn, Learn, Learn and When Your Done Learning, Learn Some More. This is probably THE most important trait of successful entrepreneurs. They never stop learning. They are always students. Not only is constant personal development going to help you in your business, its also going to help in delivering value to your customers or prospects. If you want to start with learning what to know about starting a home based business, check out this free e-book. 

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