Being An Entrepreneur Sucks!

Most people have this romantic idea when they think of entrepreneurialism. They think that one day they will start a business, just because, and run into the sunset with it. They envision popping bottles in VIP rooms, spending Sundays at the pool of the Biltmore sipping mimosas and going on shopping sprees with the shitload of money that their business will bring in.

Well, my friend, I’m here to tell you that being an entrepreneur totally sucks! Yes, I said it. Having your own business blows.

Instead of popping bottles in VIP, you’re going to be uncorking some really crap wine bottles at home on a Saturday while everyone is partying and you are working on your business. And forget about the hanging out poolside on Sundays. Being an entrepreneur is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year investment.

Every other day, if not everyday, I see people talking about how they’ve just started a business. They’re really pumped about it and are ready to take over the world. Then a couple of days later they post comments on their Facebook walls like, “I get to relax by the pool today because I built a business that runs on autopilot”, really? I call bullshit.

The truth is that overnight success takes years. But people start businesses because starting businesses and being an “entrepreneur” has become the “cool” thing to do now. And when they see that they’re not making any money, they bail.

Having a business means working long hours. You just don’t have the luxury to take time off and hang out by the pool. Being an entrepreneur is not a hobby that you do when you find the time. If you’re starting a business on a part-time basis while you still work your full-time job, it means coming home at 7PM, spending an hour or two with the family and working for 4-5 hours. Sleeping in is for the lazy.

It is emotionally draining. If you’ve ever been in a toxic relationship then you have a good idea what I mean by this. You’re friends are going to call you crazy. You think about ending things. Walking away. There will be very high highs and super low lows.

You will feel totally isolated. When your office is a desk in your spare room or your bedroom and you don’t have co-workers to socialize with, you feel completely detached from the “real world”. While everyone is clocking out at 5PM and heading to dinner or happy hour, you’re running home to work from 7PM to 1AM.

Guys, starting a business is not something you do because everyone is doing it. It’s something you do because you can’t imagine doing anything else. You are going to eat, live and breathe your business. Yes, you may even and more than likely, have to neglect your friends and family, even children at some points. But you do it not for the short term goals but for what it will mean to you and your family’s future.


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  • Nia Simone Epps

    Yes ! its a process. I had to learn this the hard way. You can’t just throw together a business or become an entrepreneur overnight!

    • eblandino

      It is a process. A long one. And most people aren’t really cut out to get through it.

  • Brilliant and so true. I have been running my own business for a while and as much as i love what i do, there are many days i wish i had a regular day job that was ultimately someone else’s responsibility.

    • eblandino

      Yes. Its so much easier to just have a job. But loving what you do and being in charge of your life is priceless.

  • Hi Eva,
    I just loved this post. So absolutely raw and honest and something people even thinking about starting up a business should definitely read and take note.

    Being an entrepreneur takes a lot of bloody hard work that more times than not really stretches our commitment, patience and self belief.

    Hiwever, if our WHY is strong enough then we get through the rough patches whilst atill realizing we may have many more struggles before we can say “yes I’ve finally made it!”

    Many thanks for your refreshing honesty Eva.

    Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer