Is Your Affiliate Marketing Business Model A Dinosaur?

I am a huge fan of affiliate marketing. It is a great way to monetize your blog. As an added bonus, you can also generate a very lucrative revenue stream simply by promoting products you believe in. I personally know many families and individuals who have been able to create a lifestyle by design through affiliate marketing. 

But what you may not know about affiliate marketing is this….

Many affiliate opportunities limit the commissions you can make only those small ticket first time sales. Generally, you are selling items with reasonable prices, $10-$300, and as an affiliate marketer you make a commission anywhere from 15% to 50% or a little bit higher, depending on the affiliate marketing program the individual company has. So you can do the math on the payouts you can expect. 

Also, in many cases, you are limited to only that one time commission per lead…meaning, if the lead you generated for your affiliate marketing program purchases any more services or products down the line, you will not be getting paid a commission on those sales. 

I personally played with with small ticket, single payout commission programs, until I was introduced to a high ticket affiliate marketing opportunity. For the same amount of time, effort and ad budget that I was using to promote those small ticket items, I am also able to make commission payouts on future purchases of my leads. This is huge! If someone buys a product that I promote today and in 3 months they buy one of the company’s high ticket products, I make a commission on that sale as well. This is not only life changing, but game changing. 

So with all of this being said, I urge you to do your home work before enrolling into your first or next affiliate marketing opportunity. Now, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with one time commission payout programs. I promote many of the great products that i personally use. However, when you are building a real online business you have to think about how sustainable and scalable your online business really is when you’re having to spin your wheels generating one time sales and low commission payouts. 

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