7 Ways To Keep Your Downline Motivated.

7 Ways To Keep Your Downline Motivated.

7 Ways To Keep Your Downline Motivated.Congrats! You just showed someone your biz opp presentation and they have signed up to partner with you in your network marketing organization. Its your first recruit! This is a very exciting time for a new network marketing professional.

You’ve already connected your new recruit to your team’s Facebook group, your company’s training videos and resources and familiarized him/her with the company back office.

So now, how do you keep your downline motivated? Lets take a look.

1. Lead By Example. The most important way to motivate your team is by showing them how the business should be worked. Lead with your actions. Have the right attitude and mindset.

2. Get Your Them To Love The Product. As soon as your new recruit  comes on board, get them using the company products or services. The quicker your new recruit uses the product, the sooner they can strengthen their belief in the business and the business opportunity.

3. Weekly Team Calls. Make sure your new recruits participate in your team’s weekly calls. These calls are a great way to build a sense of community amongst your team members. They get the opportunity to ask questions and hear from fellow team members about their struggles and wins.

4. Do Some One On One. Although you don’t want to manage your recruits, in the beginning, when a network marketer is still green behind the ears, set aside some time, just a couple of minutes a week to reach out to your new team members

5. Personal Development. Give a them a list of recommended reading. Titles like I booked in this post. These books not only are written by highly respected professionals but are also by network marketing professionals who have themselves achieved the lifestyle that your new recruits want to achieve.

6. Events. Events are great to get your new recruits. When you get your recruits to attend a company event they will connect with your company on a deeper level. Not only will they see that they are part of something bigger than them but see others network marketers that may had once been in their shoes and are now living out their dreams thanks to this business.

Final Thoughts. 

So there you go guys. These are my 5 tips to keep your downline motivated. In the end, each on e of your team members needs to have the desire within them to want to succeed. You can lead them to and motivate them but in the end, they will need to do the work. Don’t get sucked into doing the work for them. Check out my post on avoiding the management trap, click here to read the full post.

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