6 Secrets To Building A Strong Team.

6 Steps To Build A Strong Team-2As a network marketer the lifeblood of your business is building a team and loyal customers. In this post, I want to focus specifically on building your team. What it takes to build a strong long lasting organization. Whether you’re on your first recruit or your 300th, one thing remains the same. If you truly want a business that will last for years to come and will give you freedom of time and money you long for, then you need to make sure you are setting your recruits up for success.

Here are 6 steps you can take to help your recruits succeed.

Set Realistic Expectations. The worse thing you can do for your new recruits and for yourself, is lie to your recruits and give them false expectations. No one in network marketing becomes rich over night. It just doesn’t happen. If you’re new recruit comes to you with “I want to make $10,000 a month”, first, tell them that this is completely possible with this business. Second, make it clear that this will not happen in the first couple of months, maybe not even in the first year. However, with hard work they can surely achieve their goal.

All too often, network marketers are just so desperate to build their business, that they are willing to lie to their recruits to do it. What they don’t realize is that by doing so, they are not only setting up these recruits for failure but they are also building a weak organization. The smallest wind can not knock it over. When your recruits come in under false pretenses and their expectations are not met within the unrealistic timeframe they expected it, they will be quick to jump ship.

Be Clear About Your Role. Don’t become a manager to your new recruits. Check out a post I wrote titled, Avoid Becoming A Manager In Your Network Marketing Organization. This is a very common mistake amongst inexperienced or inadequately trained network marketers. They have either been managed by their upline themselves or were told by their upline that the proper way to grow their business is to manage their new recruits. In the beginning, your new recruit may need a bit more support than your senior team members. And this is totally fine. There’s a lot to learn when you start your own business. Be there for them when they call you. Meet with them or Skype with them at least weekly for the first 30 days to make sure they are on the right track. But never do the work for them. They need to learn to fail forward and they can not do this if they never fail because you’re giving them a false sense of security. The most valuable lessons in this industry are a result of falling down and learning to get back up.

Connect Them To The Company. Make sure your new recruits are connected to any company or team sponsored groups, websites, YouTube channels, etc. Show them where they can go to for any general company questions. Teach them to be independent.

Provide Them With A List Of Recommended Reading. A quality my recruits must posses is a willingness to work on their personal development. This means reading and participating in training opportunities. For me, reading has been so valuable to my personal development. I have books on bookshelf as well as audiobooks in my Audible app. Reading allows for your recruits not only to learn on their own pace, but also to learn from some of the industry’s leaders and top earners. Share with your new recruits what your favorite books are. If they take the initiative to read them, then this gives you an idea of their level of commitment.

Never Stop Building. I remember my first network marketing business. My upline sold me on the idea that all i needed were 6 strong recruits and thats it. By helping these 6 strong recruits build their upline I would be able to sit pretty in a couple of years enjoying the money that was bound to come in. Sadly enough, my upline had never been in network marketing either and learned this from her upline. Needless to say that after I left and a couple of other people dropped from her team, she in essence had to start her business all over again. She focused all of her energy on managing her recruits rather than building her business. The minute she got her six, she stopped recruiting.

If you want to achieve real financial independence, then build your front line until IT is generating the revenue that you want, but don’t rely on others to do it for you.

Lead With Leadership. Whether you realize it or not, the second you chose to start your network marketing business you made a decision to become a leader. Invest in your own personal development. Learn how to become a better leader for your team. Practice these 5 steps in your own business, don’t just teach them.

In the end, its about building strong leaders. You started this business because you wanted to achieve true freedom. Freedom to do with your time what you wish. To not have someone dictate to you when to work, for how long and how much you get paid. To achieve this, you want to invest in building a strong organization built with leaders that are as committed to the business as you. Set each one of them up success and your business will inevitably flourish.

I really hope this post was of value to you.  If you found this information helpful, go ahead and share it on social media. You never know, you may also be helping someone else.


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