5 Ways To Maximize Your Ad Dollars For Your Online Biz.

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So, you have your blog all set up. Awesome!

You’ve even chosen a rockin’ looking theme!

And you are dishing out amazing contents like its nobody’s business.

You’re a blogging badass!

But all you get as far as traffic goes are cricket…. (insert crickets sounds here)

Sound familiar?

Well I’m here to tell you not to feel bad. You are not alone in this good fight. Generating traffic for your blog can be one of the most irritating things but in the it needs to get done or your blog will not thrive. However, I’d like to give you a piece of advise…a warning of sorts in efforts to help you avoid making a mistake many new and even well experienced bloggers do…..

Don’t focus just on generating traffic.

Take some time to think about how you are going to be maximizing the traffic that is coming into your blog. After all, what good is all the traffic when you’re not generating either income of a new lead?

You’re better off taking all that money you’re about to invest to run ads and give it to your garbage man. This is exactly what you’re doing if your only focus is on traffic generation.

So before you invest any money on advertising make sure that you have put in place some, any or all of these traffic maximizing strategies within your blog.

Let’s take a look:

A fabulous offer. Give your readers an irresistible offer that will get them to give you their email address. My first offer was nothing out of this world. It took me maybe an hour to think about and write out all the content. Maybe another hour to design it. I did it myself on PowerPoint. This offer can also be a free e-book or a free strategy call with you.

If you want to check out a e video tutorial series that I did on creating and connecting your first opt-in, click below to check them out.

Create Your First Custom Opt-In Form In Under 5 Five Minutes

How To Connect Your Opt-In Form To Your Website.

How To Set Up Your Autoresponder On GetResponse.

An affiliate opportunity. There are many affiliate opportunities out there to take advantage of. But make sure you do a little bit of research on the company before committing to any one in specific. An affiliate opportunity should offer a great compensation structure of course, as well as training to teach you how to generate leads to your offer. Have a robust back office. Amazing swipe files and done for you emails that you can send to your email your list. I have personally invested a lot of money in my search for a great affiliate opportunity and have found that many have great features but are lacking in other areas. I finally did find an amazing opportunity with MTTB or My Top Tier Business and MOBE or My Online Business Education. Both are owned by Matt Lloyd and are chockfull with resources, training, swipe files and an expansive video library. CLICK HERE to learn about MTTB or MOBE.

A network marketing opportunity. In this age of technology, we live our lives online. More specifically, many live their lives on Facebook and other social media platforms. So it makes total sense that a network marketing or direct sales opportunity can also be a traffic maximizing strategy. Add a page to your blog about your biz op or a “work with me” page. Maybe create a network marketing or direct sales geared opt-in or download. What you want to do here is generate prequalified leads into your network marketing opportunity. What you don’t want to do is mention any chance you get your network marketing company. The point is to brand yourself as an MLM authority that they can trust to help them also build a successful MLM business.

A free webinar or mini course. Personal development is a huge topic of conversation nowadays and its an even hotter topic for online businesses. Offering either a live or recorded webinar or a mini course immediately positions you as an authority.

A private group. I recently launched a private society, The Seven Figure Women Society, essentially as a platform to be able to execute my passion which is to empower women with the information and support they need to launch a thriving online business. But my private group also serves another purpose, it grows my email list and the best part is that I know exactly what the members of my group are interested in. No guess work needed. Meaning I can provide them with the best value I can possibly deliver.

CLICK HERE To learn more about The Seven Figure Women Society, and don’t forget to request your invitation.

So I know this is a lot, but don’t let it overwhelm you. Pick at least one or two of these strategies and run with them. The point here is to make the most of your advertising dollars. I don’t about you, but i haven’t been able to find that damn money tree anywhere. So until you we do, lets be smart about how we run our online businesses.

So did you find this post valuable? If you do did, please leave me a comment below. I’d love to hear from you. 


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