5 Tricks To Maximize Each Blog Post


Each one of your blog posts is like prime real estate so you need to take advantage of the space every single time. Remember that after you create content, your goal is to get it front of as many eyes as humanly possible.

Try these 5 tricks to help you make the most of each one of your blog posts.

An Eye Catching Headline

Your headline should be short and sexy. It should grab your audience’s attention and give no option but to check out your post. Whenever possible, try to optimize your title by making sure that you are using your keyword/s in the title. I say try because I’d rather grab my readers’ attention with a thought provoking title. However, i do try to optimize my title, and 9 times out of 10 I do accomplish this while still creating a sexy headline.

A Popular Topic

You should put some thought process into deciding blog post topics. Check out the post I wrote about never running out of content to help you get a head start. But also remember to do some topic research and use the Google Keyword Planner tool to see just how popular your topic or keyword is

Social Share Plug Ins

Every single one of your blog posts should have social media plug in buttons. No ifs ands or nots. Check out this article from ShouldMeLoud.com for WordPress social share plug ins.

Your Contact Information

At end of every blog post, tell your readers how to get a hold of you. Provide them with your Skype information, your email, and whatever other contact information you may want to provide.  I created a signature of sort that looks exactly the same in each post. To do is I just copy and paste from the previous. Saves me a couple of keys strokes and I know that I’m always including the same information.

A Call To Action

Maybe you want to lead your readers to a free resource, a product or a webinar. The end of your blog post is the perfect place for your call to action that will be leading your readers to take an action after they’ve finished reading your post. One thing I do try to do is keep my CTA in line to the topic of the post.

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