5 Tips To Never Run Out Of Content For You Blog…Ever.

5 Tips To Never Run Out Of Contetnt For Your Blog. Ever.

Finding content for your blog can be the hardest part of a blogging. I know that was my main struggle when I first started. So I wanted to give you a couple of tips today that you can use to help you never run out of content ever again.

Take A Main Topic And Divide It Into Multiple Subtopics. I’ll sometimes start writing a blog and in the middle of my writing it, I start to address a secondary topic, so I catch myself going off from my original idea of what I wanted to right about. When this happens I will quickly make a note of it and refocus my post on the main topic. Make mention that you will be covering this thought it in more detail on a later post. Most of the time you can pull a lot of content but one single topic that you can use to build on.

Check Out Forums. What kind of questions are getting the highest amount of responses and interaction? It’s a possibility that this is a hot topic that other people may be interested in learning about as well.

Write A Post On Books You’ve Read. I usually read 1 to 2 books a month. I make it a point to always read and learn something new. Personal development is very important to me as it helps me. Reading helps me to develop my writing skills and makes me a better network marketing professional. Books also help me develop new content for my blog. The next time you finish a book write a blog post about it. Take a couple of key points out of it and expand on these.

Ask What Your Audience Wants You To Write About. Ask your email list, create a FB or Instagram pos what they’d like for you to write about next.  Maybe you can create a weekly post addressing questions coming right from your audience.

Write About Personal Experiences. Whether your experiences or your downline’s experience, get inspired from whats currently going on your life. Did you attend an event that totally inspired you? Did you have a breakthrough in your business? Take what your personal experiences and use these to inspire your content.

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