5 Tips To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog.


Creating content is a huge part of my business. I create content for my blog daily. Doing so has positioned me as an authority in my space and has, as a result, also benefitted my network marketing business, in that it has actually generated leads for me. However before you can generate leads from your blog, your blog has to get traffic. So here are a five tips I wanted to share with you today to help you drive traffic to your blog.

Blog consistently.

I probably sound like a broken record by now because I say this every chance I get. Generating a healthy volume of traffic to your blog is built on fresh content. If you find it challenging to come up with fresh content, check out my post on how to overcome this, click here.

Become a resource your audience seeks out.

You want to become the blog that people go to find answers and get information. You do this, by delivering consistent content ( I said it again. You see, I can’t help myself). Be mindful here about selling to your audience. People are becoming smarter and smarter about identifying when someone is just trying to sell them on something. This will make you look disingenuous. When your readers read a new post and realize its a pitch to get them to register for a webinar or to get them to buy one of your products your reputation will precede you. You will lose the trust of your audience. I suggest using the 80/20 rule here, where 80% of your content is value and 20% is you selling a product. There’s nothing wrong with selling. But this can’t be all your blog is about. Another suggestion is adding a “Resource” page to your site. This way you’re tools, systems and products are always available for your audience to view.

Tell your personal stories.

A blog is a great outlet for you to talk about the struggles you faced and continue to encounter in your business, whether its network marketing, affiliate marketing, internet marketing or a traditional service or product based business. I know these have been a great influence in what I write about. Let people see that you are a real person with real struggles. When they see that you relate to their hurdles you will earn their respect.

Share your new posts on all social media sites.

When you’ve just finished a new post, share it on social media. And here is where most people think of only Facebook. But you have to think outside of Facebook. Share your posts on Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Café mom, and any other social media sites out there.

Send a short email to your list.

Send your list a short message. Let them know you’ve just posted something knew that you think they are going to find really valuable. Send this every single day that you create a new blog post.

Your blog is like your home. In the world wide web, it is the only thing you own. Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, these are all channels of distribution. It’s scary when I see great content being posted on any of these channels but when I try to find the person’s website, it doesn’t exist. When you Google them, it still doesn’t come up. In the end, everything you do online, is to get people to visit your blog.

I really hope this post was of value to you.  If you found this information helpful, go ahead and share it on social media. You never know, you may also be helping someone else.

Sharing Is Caring!