5 Reasons Why You Need To Start A Blog

5 Reasons Why You Start A Blog

All businesses should start a blog. Today, creating an online presence has never been easier. Why with Facebook and Instagram, just about anyone can be online celebrity.

However, online celebrity is great, but having a captive audience of subscribers is like having your own money tree.  By creating content that your audience will find valuable you can create a following of readers that you can later on leverage to help you generate income.

The key to a successful blog is to deliver great value that your audience wants to read. So just posting junk isn’t going to do it. Find something that you’re passionate about.

Chances are that if you’re really into knitting kitty sweaters, there’s probably a tribe out there for you.

That being said, here are my 5 reasons why I think everyone should start a blog:

1. Attract an Audience

By delivering content over your selling a product, service or business opportunity, you can reach a lot more people. Remember that the majority of people on the internet are in search for an answer to a question, instead of something specific. For example, they will search for “how do I optimize my blog?” instead of “internet marketing consulting services”.  In other words, by creating consistent content, you can attract an audience and eventually convert them to customers when the time is write.

2. Establish Yourself As An Authority

A blog is the fastest and most cost effective way to position yourself as an authority in your niche. By writing about topics that are important to your audience you can be seen as an authority in the space.

3. Generate Leads

A Blog is a great way to generate leads that you can eventually turn into customers. When you drive traffic to your blog and position strong opt-ins for your audience to sign up for you can grow your mailing list in a relatively short period of time. You now have laser targeted leads already interested in what your writing about. When you’re ready to launch a product or a service, you have an audience from which you can generate hot leads.

4. Create Other Business Opportunities. 

Delivering content and positioning yourself as an authority in your niche can also lead to other business opportunities. You see, a blog can position just about anyone with something interesting to say, as an expert. You can be invited to be a guest speaker for a podcast, a hangout or a conference or you can be asked to be contracted as a consultant or a coach to help a business in the niche that you write about on your blog.

5. Monetization

There are many ways to monetize a blog. You can promote your affiliate opportunities, you can promote your services or you can sell your own products. The best you can do is create and deliver content consistently and share your posts on your social media sites. You can monetize your blog early on with the right strategies. Affiliate programs and opt-ins are two great ways to do this.

I really hope this post was of value to you.  If you found this information helpful, go ahead and share it on social media. You never know, you may also be helping someone else. 


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