5 Must-Haves For An Optimized Landing Page.

5 Must-Haves For An Optimized Landing Page

5 Must-Haves For An Optimized Landing PageLanding pages are a great way of getting generating leads for your MLM business as well as to promote your webinar, products, or services. And by advertising on platforms like Facebook, you are able to maximize your advertising dollars.

However, a poorly laid out landing page can end up costing you money and get you very low conversions. So what can you do make sure that your landing pages are being optimized?

#1. Limited Navigation.

Your landing page should give your visitors very limited options. Having any links that take them out of the landing page may distract the visitor before taking the action you wanted them to take. If you have a link to your social media pages or your website, your visitors may leave your landing page to learn more about you ll before they do what it is your landing page intended for them to do.

#2.  A Clear And Powerful Headline.

Your headline is going to be the first your visitors see and read. It should be clear to them what it is that you want them to do. Be it register for your upcoming course, webinar or event, or claim their free gift in exchange for their contact information. Be clear with your visitors in regards to the action you want them to take. The headline should grab their attention and get them to keep reading.

#3. An Irresistible Offer.

Every landing page has to have a great offer that visitors would be willing to hand over their email address for. In the end, your copy should use strong verbiage that will get your visitors excited about your offer.

#4. A Call-To-Action (CTA).

Keep the CTA button above the fold. If your copy isn’t strong enough or your headline is too vague, your visitors may not want to keep reading, so by placing the CTA above the fold ensures that it is one of the first things they see. Use contrasting colors in your button and text. Make sure that its stands out. Try to keep your CTA button to just one, to avoid confusion as to what action they are supposed to take.

#5. A Simple Form.

The less questions you ask the higher the chances are that your visitors will actually give you the information you’re asking for. Unless is truly essential information that you need to qualify your leads, keep the required fields to a minimum.

In Conclusion, Landing pages should be clear and concise. They should have the information that your leads need to make their decision based on your call to action. If your landing pages have these 5 things you’ll start getting leads in no time.

Remember that when you’re advertising and driving people to your landing page the audience you are advertising to should find your information relevant or they will leave without opting in.

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  • Hi Eva and many thanks for sharing this valuable information.

    Landing pages are an important part of every online marketers business and the 5 points you provided will ensure your readers optimize these critically important pages for their business.

    Best regards from a Thai village


  • Nice post Eva. I’ve just built a funnel around this exact them, and the only thing I’d add to this is remember to test your opt in forms. Test just one thing at a time , and start with the headlines first.

    • eblandino

      Yes. You are totally right Luke. Thanks for that.