5 Mistakes Affiliate Marketers Make When Creating Content

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For anyone looking to build an online business, generate leads and build a passive stream of income, content is truly king. But with no real strategy behind your content creation, the time you spend recording videos, writing posts and creating lead magnets is really just a waste. 

To make the most of your content creation, take the time to establish a real content strategy that will help convert your website visitors into leads and ultimately customers. ​

In this post we are going to look at 5 mistakes affiliate marketers are making when they create a new piece content. 

Content That Isn’t Aligned With The Needs Of Your Audience

Knowing your audience, their pain points and what matters most to them not only helps you create content that is aligned with their needs, but doing this will help position you as an authority and help you build that much needed rapport. This is crucial for an affiliate marketer to be successful in the long term.

As consumers we are being exposed to so much content that it's very content creators need to stand out from the crowd as something that will bring their readers value. 

So how do you create content that your audience will want to read?


This sounds daunting...

I mean, you're not a mind reader. So how the heck can you really know what it is that your audience really wants and needs to better their health, business, cooking skills?

There are multiple methods you can get to know what your audience’s pain points and areas of interest are.

I want to share a couple of those with you here….

Become active in a Facebook group where your ideal audience and customers hang out.

You can find a Facebook group around just about any niche or interest. These are great places start and help you get to know your audience. Many groups will let you post polls that can give you some real insights from those in the group. Keep in mind to be respectful of the group’s owner. If he or she started a group around Facebook marketing, don’t go in the group promoting how awesome you are at Facebook marketing.

Use tools and methods to survey website traffic and your email subscribers, etc.

One method you can use to survey your tribe and your target audience is by creating a survey funnel. This is where you send out a survey to your list or run an ad to a landing page where you survey your audience. In your survey you ask the questions you’d like to know about your audience. If you want to know more about this method, go and grab Ryan Levesque’s book Ask which explains this funnel in great deal.

If this sounds to complicated, you can start by segmenting your subscribers once they join your list.

Below is a video I created to show you how I segment my list using the same method that Pat Flynn from www.smartpassiveincome.com.

My new favorite thing is Thrive Leads and Thrive Themes. They offer some really great apps and widgets to help you survey and segment your audience. 


Your headline is the first impression your piece of content is going to make on your readers…its gotta be strong enough that it grabs their attention and their curiosity.

Here are couple of tips to get you writing better headlines:

Start By Creating Your Content

Have a working title so that you know what your content is about. Once you’ve written your post, recorded your video or podcast, then come up with a couple of headline options to choose from.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ruffle Some Feathers.

Don’t go for the passive headlines that won’t create any waves. Use words that will grab your readers’ attention.

Use words like: 





Sure Fire





Use Headline Generating Programs To Help You Get Inspired.

I use a cool website called www.title-generator.com to get my juices flowing. They always come up with some out of the box ideas that I had not thought about.

Here's a great post from Crazy Egg about creating headlines that work.​

A/B Test Your Headline

Its always a good idea to test headlines against each other. You can do this with emails you send your list, with ads you on Facebook and even with tweets and Instagram posts.


We’ve all been there….You see a headline that catches your eye so you click the link to go and read a post. But once your eyes land on the page, you skim over it and as quickly as you clicked to read it you get the hell out of there. There’s no way you’re going to get through that.

What do we do when we first land on a blog post? Well, we skim over it and make a split second decision. Do we keep reading? Or do we get out of there?

So what can you do to make sure your keeping your readers on your website? Here are a couple of tips...

  • Headlines and numbers or lists help our readers get the gist of your blog post at a glance. If they like what they see, they’ll continue to read.
  • Keep your paragraphs short. Two or three sentences per paragraph is just fine. Remember that you don't have to follow the same writing rules you learned in school. We are not writing book reports or science projects here guys.
  • Add pictures and graphics to break things up a bit between paragraphs and headlines.​
  • If you have a video that you recorded about the same subject, upload it to YouTube and embed it on your blog post. This way you give your readers another option to reading.
  • Use a font size and text color that is easy on the eyes.

One last thing….

Check out the plugin, Yoast. When you pay the $69 to get the premium version you get on “readability” score on every post. It reminds you when a paragraph is too long in certain ares of your text or when you aren’t using any headlines. Click Here to check it out.


Building your email list is critical for any online business to succeed. This is even more so for affiliate marketers. An email broadcast can be just as powerful if not more powerful of a communication channel than a well crafted webinar or ad.

But the biggest mistake you can make is giving your readers too many options when they land on your website. Too many options and your readers will simply leave your website without ever giving you their email regardless of how awesome and valuable your content was to them.

Use tools like Thrive Leads to create opt-in forms for specific content categories. Doing so improves your visitors’ experience. If you wrote a blog post or recorded a video tutorial about Facebook marketing, and at the end of the post you offer a free Facebook marketing cheat sheet, you are not only making there experience more valuable, but you are also improving your odds of them signing up to your email list.

This strategy also helps you in creating a more segmented list. Knowing that a reader signed up for your email list under the social media category tells you that this person is going to be more interested in getting emails around this topic that lets say email marketing.


What good is a great piece of content if you have no one reading it? As an affiliate marketer each new piece of content your create is another opportunity to either generate new leads or reconnect with your list.

Check out this video I created  where I share with you the 7 places I go to promote my content.

Additionally, if you want to step things up, create an ad on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter driving traffic to your blog post. If you’re going to go this route however, remember to make sure you have a conversion strategy to take your website traffic from readers to leads.

Be mindful of these 5 common mistakes and you will be well on your way to creating content that will convert. Remember that its not just about creating content. Create content with intention and a strategy behind it. 

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