5 Email Marketing Metrics To Track And Monitor

5 email marketing metrics to track and monitor

Email marketing done right is not as simple as it sounds. I mean, it’s not just writing an email and pressig the send button. As a marketer and business owner, there’s so much more to cover and understand when it comes to getting email marketing right.

In this blog post I want to share with you  5 email metrics you should be paying close attention to in your email marketing.

Whether you are doing this for a client or in your own business it’s not just about sending emails. It’s about sending emails that convert. 

Let’s go ahead and jump right in….

#1. Click Through Rate.

The click through rate or CTR is in short the percentage of email recipients who clicked on any of the links in the body of your email. So for example, if you sent an email to 10000 subscribers and there were 1000 unique clicks, this is a click through rate of 10%.

The click through rate is one of the basic metrics all email marketers and business owners should track in the email marketing. This is really something that you should look at in every email campaign that you sent. 

A low click through rate can indicate a lack of trust, interest or rapport.

#2. Conversion Rate.

This is the percentage of email subscribers that actually click a link and take the desired action. This could be something as simple as registering for a webinar or downloading a free e-book.  

To get super accurate when calculating your conversion rate successfully, you will need to integrate your email marketing platform with your website analytics such as Google analytics.

This is done by creating unique tracking URLs that are specifically connected to the links you are using in your email campaigns. This is an oversimplification of course.

#3. Bounce Rate.

Your bounce rate in essence is the number of emails or total emails that could not be delivered to the recipient’s inbox.

There’s two types of bounces, a hard bounce and soft bounce. A hard bounce means that the email is invalid or just doesn’t exist. A soft bounce is really just a temporary problem with a valid email address. Maybe they have a full inbox or their server is down.

If your bounce rate starts to get a little bit out of control you may start to look like a spammer in the eyes of your Internet service provider. And this is something you really do want to avoid.

#4. Return on your Investment (ROI).

As with every marketing strategy that you implement in your business, you should be able to have a clear idea of whether or not you saw a return on your investment. This of course also includes email marketing.

Without a clear understanding of whether or not an email marketing, or any marketing strategy is profitable for your business you can simply be spinning your wheels spending money and seeing no return. This can easily land you in what I can business liquid sand.

There are many platforms to help you analyze and calculate your marketing ROI that you can choose from. For email marketing specifically, take a look at this ROI calculator.

#5. Unengaged Subscribers.

This isn’t just a metric….

It’s also an indicator of the health of your email list.

I proactively unsubscribe or remove subscribers from my list when I see that they’re not engaged.

Have you noticed that without you telling Google to send a specific sender’s email to your spam folder they start to mark those messages as spam?

This is because Google looks at your history and your engagement with that sender.

Your lack of engagement (opening emails from the sender) indicates to them that this is spam to you and they proactively place the sender’s communication to you right into your spam folder.

This is what can happen to your email list if you continue to send emails to subscriberes that do not engage in your list and why I highly suggest that you take the initiative of removing people from your list that do not engage in any type of email communication that you send.

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