4 Blog Hacks To Generate Leads For Your MLM Business.

4 Blog Hacks To Generate Leads For Your MLM Business

4 Blog Hacks To Generate Leads For Your MLM BusinessInternet marketing gurus from around world swear by growing your email list….and they are right. Businesses of all sizes have generated billions in revenue right from their email lists. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, it is the most powerful asset of your business.

Your blog is the perfect platform for you to grow your email list and generate leads that may be interested in your MLM business opportunity. You’re probably already spending advertising dollars on driving traffic to your blog, but is your blog converting visitors into subscribers?

Lets take a look at what you can do to get you started on generating new email subscribers on your blog.

#1. Have More Than One Sidebar Opt-In Box.

When you add more than one opt-in box to your page, preferably far apart from one another (one at the top of the page, the second towards the bottom) you increase your opt-in chances. I have just a very generic “sign up to my email list” opt-in box at the bottom of my site, and this is the one that has resulted in the most sign ups on my site.

#2. Promote Your Blog Posts Online.

Once you’ve written your blog post, you gotta get traffic to your site and eyes on your content. So you have to promote. Post it your business pages and share it. If you want to drive even more traffic to your site, boost your posts or create an ad to drive your targeted audience to visit your website.

#3. Make Contacting You Easy.

Give your readers an easy way to connect with you. Include a signature at the end of each one of your posts. Add a “work with me” or “partner with me” page. Once you start to generate a healthy amount of traffic on your website you will see that having a way for your audience to connect with you personally is a great lead generating hack.

#4. Giveaways

Provide your audience with an offer they can’t refuse in exchange for their email address. Today, an email address is a very hot commodity. People don’t give out that information as easily as they used to. For that reason, you have to give them something they perceive valuable enough to hand it over. A cheat sheet, a tracker, an ebook…anything that will help them in their lives or business.

What’s the takeaway?

If you’re blogging and driving traffic to your website, you should be generating leads and new email subscribers. I generate new subscribers with every post a create on a daily basis. Lets be honest, as much as you enjoy delivering value to your audience, the end game is to grow an email list of subscribers that are interested in your content and will want to one day become clients or business partners.


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