10 Pieces Of Advice For The New Entrepreneur.

10 Pieces Of Advice For The New Entrepreneur

10 Pieces Of Advice For The New Entrepreneur

I remember the day I started my first business. It was such an exciting time. There was truly no limit to what I could achieve. I went from working a sad job where I was barely making ends meet to having my very own company that could change me and my daughter’s life forever.

If you’ve recently started a business, either a network marketing business or any other, here is some advice i’d like to share with you:

Connect with other entrepreneurs. There are so many entrepreneur groups on Facebook, LinkedIn and within in your local community. Find a group of people who are on the same journey as you. These groups are a great place not only to speak with like minded people but also to talk about your experiences as an entrepreneur, get advice and stay motivated.

Its ok to feel like quitting. Its completely normal to get cold feet about your decision to start a business and walk away from the steady paycheck. Having a business can be a very terrifying thing, but it is also a very rewarding experience and journey to take. Being honest with how you feel and speak to someone who can relate to your experiences. All that matters is that you keep reminding yourself why you chose to start your business to begin with. Remember how you felt when you woke up that first morning with the whole world in front of you. No one will ever dictate how much you earn but you.

Don’t compare yourself to others. Remember that every entrepreneur is on a different path than you. Because someone else seems to have their act together and they have built a large profitable business, doesn’t mean they didn’t go through exactly what you’re going through at the moment. Don’t compare your experiences to another. This is the easiest way to sabotage your progress. Its totally fine to admire and look up to another entrepreneur and want to one day achieve their level of success. But instead of comparing yourself to them, learn from them. What hurdles and setbacks did they have on their way to the top?

Embrace your journey and have fun. Building an empire doesn’t happen overnight. There will be many ups and downs in your journey. Just have fun. Yes there may be times when you will work 14 hours in a day and haven’t left the house all week. Or you’re just so tired from all the meetings, calls and projects that you could only gather up enough energy to make yourself a glass of wine for dinner. But these are the days that you will one day look back on and laugh. Enjoy every little bit of it.

Take off the pajamas. You can very quickly get sucked into your and completely forget all about a shower and getting dressed. Get up every morning like you would any other job. Get ready. Do you hair. Put on clothes and make a hot pot of coffee.

Stay away from distractions. Its really easy to get sucked into all the distractions going on. When I started my first business I remember walking away from my computer to do laundry, dishes, groceries. Before I knew it, my day was over and had accomplished nothing.

Get out of the house. Don’t get stuck behind a desk all day is. As small business owners, we get so focused on our businesses that we forget that we once has a life. Make it a habit of penciling in lunch dates or happy hours with friends. Attend lunch networking events. Get involved in the chamber of commerce.

Ask for help. Its ok to feel overwhelmed at time. Its only normal. What with everything that comes with running a business and also making sure every other aspect of your life is being taken care of, it can become a bit too much to handle at times. Ask for help from your family, your partner and friends. Maybe your best friend can babysit while you and your partner go on a date. Or you involve your children in the business by asking them to help out around house.

Learn from your mistakes but don’t let them get you down. You will make mistakes in your business. This is inevitable. Mistakes are great ways to learn and develop your leadership skills. Simply take what you learn and move on.

Celebrate the little wins. No matter how small the win, celebrate it. From finally landing your first client, recruit or account to being able to check everything off your to do list for the day.

I’ve been out of the rate race for about 3 years now. It has been the hardest, most challenging, most rewarding and exciting time of my life. My income has nearly tripled  I would not change a thing about my journey thus far. Everyday there’s something new celebrate and learn.

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