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I will work with you to create a content marketing strategy that will deliver the results you crave. My consultation can help your business not just stay ahead of the competition but also position you as the go to source, authority and service provider.

Social Media

Together we will create a social media marketing strategy that is aligned with you, your business and your audience. Whether you need just a one time call or a weekly consultation to help you stay on track, I will work with you and your needs.


The numbers don't like, email marketing is still the most powerful and effective way to get your audience in front of your product or services. Together we will create an email marketing strategy to help you build a passive stream of leads and income.

Smart Web Design

A website is just a website....until you optimize it. Then it becomes the most powerful lead generating tool in your business. My 1:1 coaching will teach you exactly how you can craft a well laid out website that positions you as an expert in your niche.

My name is Eva Blandino. I am the CEO of medical marketing agency, Plug Into Healthcare. We work with multi-million dollar healthcare organizations helping them create a more solid and authentic connection with their audience through digital channels. But my real passion is to teach everyday entrepreneurs and small business owners how they too can ignite the growth of their business by putting in place the same marketing strategies used by these multi million organizations even on a bootstrap budget.